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Andijan, additionally spelled as Andizhan, or Andižan, city, compelling eastern Uzbekistan. Andijon lies in the southeastern part of the Fergana Valley. The city, which remains on antiquated stores of the Andijon River, goes back in any event to the ninth century. In the fifteenth century it turned into the capital of the Fergana Valley and, being on the Silk Road convoy course to China, its main focus of exchange and crafted works. In the eighteenth century it turned out to be a piece of the khanate of Kokand, and in 1876 Andijon was caught by the Russians. In 1898 it was the scene of an unsuccessful local insubordination to tsarist principle. Andijon is liable to regular earth tremors and was leveled by a quake in 1902 that took more than 4,000 lives.

Andijan is currently a street and rail intersection and has building, electrotechnical, material, and sustenance preparing commercial enterprises. Its social resources incorporate instructor preparing, medicinal, and cotton-developing foundations, an Uzbek theater of musical dramatization and comic drama, a manikin theater, and a gallery. The encompassing zone is the most thickly populated a portion of Uzbekistan. A few noteworthy watering system trenches give water to yields of cotton, grapes, and natural product. The locale is additionally the primary petroleum-delivering territory of Uzbekistan.

Historical Monuments

Jami Complex

One of the fundamental attractions of Andijan is a design complex Jami, which incorporates a mosque, madrasah and minaret. Religious structures were inherent 19 century. Jami Mosque is situated in the western part of the complex. It is a rectangular corridor, encompassed by ayvans on three sides. The fundamental embellishment of the mosque is an agile cutting on wooden sections. The primary exterior of the building has 26 huge curves. Jami Minaret is greater than encompassing structures, the length of this colossal building is 32 meter. The highest point of the minaret is improved with a ring of blue coated tiles. Development of the Madrasah Jami was started in 1883 and finished in 1890. Structural enhancement pulls in the vacationers with its colossal size, since its length is 123 meter. It is a symmetrical working with a façade. Agile thin towers finished with lamps are situated at the edges of high entrance. Shockingly, south and west parts of the building didn't safeguard. Geometric examples delineated on the wooden cross sections, give an extraordinary perspective of madrassa. The vault of the building is enhanced with a mosaic of blue shading. Jami Madrassah is the most astounding in Andijan, as well as in Fergana Valley.

Babur Literary Museum

This exhibition hall possesses the site of the imperial lofts where Zahiruddin Babur lived and examined as a kid inside Ark-Ichy, the town's a distant memory fortress. Conceived in 1483 in Andijon to Fergana's ruler, Umar Sheik Mirzo (a relative of Timur), Babur acquired his dad's kingdom before he was even a young person. The youthful lord took Samarkand at the young age of 14, however in this way lost both Samarkand and Fergana and was crashed into Afghanistan by the Uzbek Shaybanids before eventually going ahead to establish the Mughal Empire in India. In any case, this gallery concentrates on Babur's scholarly endeavors, particularly his Baburnama, an inconceivable diary of Babur's interesting and tumultuous life.